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ogies to cater to their every needs." Before entering the plant 〓factory, visitors must put on a dual-layered jumpsuit, goggles, a face 〓mask, rubber gloves and boots, and be disinfected from head to toe. Sne〓ezing in the faI

ctory is strictly prohibited. "The standard here is str〓icter than hospital operating rooms," said Zheng Yanhai, a botany resea〓rcher at the institute who works at the plant factory. "Because all the〓 plants are growing in nutrient-filled hydroponic solutions, we do not 〓want germs to get into the liquid and make plants sick." Thanks to th6


  • 1 in Anxi can produce 1.5 tons of vegetables, suc〓h as lettuce and cabba4
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e〓 clean environment, plants can grow without antiseptics or pesticides, 〓"you can even eat it fresh out of the bag", Zheng added. In additiV

on t〓o sanitation, scientists also take temperature, humidity, air circulati〓on, light, carbon dioxide, nutrients and other elements intor

t ideal natural conditions for p
plant growth, and use t〓echnolv
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