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b〓ination of lights are best suited for each plant's growth, then we can 〓change or create LED lights that shine at that specific intensity and s〓pectrum, saving lots of energy in the process," he added. While blue a〓nd red lights are the "meat and potatoes" of a plant's growth, scientis〓ts notice othe6

r spectrums of light also play a subtle role in maximizin〓g growth and quality. For example, scientists discovered that adding s〓ome green light to the red-blue recipe could help some vegetables grow,〓 while too much green light puts plants into hibernation, although this〓 is helpful for the plant's nu7

trient build up. "Mimicking sunlight usi〓ng LED is very energy intensive," Li said. "At the end of the day, whoe〓ver has the most energy-efficient and productive light recipe wins." W〓hile plant growth mostly relies on light, water and carbon dioxide, it 〓still needs some trace elements from soil or fe1

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rtilizers to be healthy.〓 In the case of plant factories, hydroponic nutrient solutions infused 〓with 17 essential elements ranging from nits

rogen to calcium have replac〓ed the tilted soil. "The content of the nutrient solution is also tail〓ored to suit the plant's specific nee1

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